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On both locations in Slagharen and Leek a post mortem room and laboratory are available, to be able to get a fast overview of a flocks' health status.

sectiezaal      On working days between 08.30 and 16.30 poultry can be offered for a 
      routine post mortem or for specific research into a flocks' problems.

      All important organ systems from the offered animals are systematically  
      examined, while you wait. Any abnormalities are discussed with the client
      and the veterinarian.

      If necessary, additional lab work can be performed. Most of the laboratory
      work can be executed in our own lab, to be able to react fast on problems.




In the laboratory different test can be performed:

-Bacteriological tests, if necessary with sensitivity test for antibiotics.
-Parasitological tests (wormeggs and coccidiosis)

Pluimveepraktijk Noord & Oost is an HOSOWO-certified organisation. This means that our practice is qualified, by the Product Board for Poultry and Eggs, to sample hygienograms and to take the obligatory Salmonella samples.

Serological samples are forwarded to the certified laboratories of Masterlab B.V. and GD.

Results from post mortems and laboratory work are reported by email, fax, phone or by mail.



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